Welcome to our Jewelry store.

We are located in:

8522 Southwest 40th Street
Miami, FL, 33155
United States

Call: (305) 554-0229

About La Francia Joyeria

01. Honor to

La Francia is a jewelry shop located in Miami, in honor of the "La Francia" building in Venezuela

02. Who we are

Dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of the most exclusive jewelry in the country and we are very excited to bring you the most exquisite pieces now accessible through our website.

03. Here in La Francia

You can take your jewelry with 0% down and without credit, paying it in the course of 1 year, because we understand that they are more than jewels, they are a lifestyle.

04. Satisfied Customers

We are proud that much of our business is generated from repeat satisfied customers and that new business is created from their endorsements and referrals.